When is the Best Time to Ask for Customer Reviews?

As a business owner, you understand the importance of customer feedback in growing your business. Positive reviews can increase your online visibility, boost your credibility, and ultimately drive more sales. But, timing is everything when it comes to asking for reviews. So, when is the best time to ask for customer reviews, particularly through text message and QR codes? In this blog, we’ll explore the answer to this question and give you some tips on how to ask for reviews effectively.

Timing Matters When Asking for Reviews

Asking for reviews is an important part of any business strategy. However, it’s essential to ask at the right time to ensure that you get the most effective response. The best time to ask for a review is when the customer has just had a positive experience with your product or service. This means that they are still excited about their experience, and the positive emotions are fresh in their mind.

Tips for Asking for Reviews via Text Message

Text messaging is a popular method for requesting reviews because it’s fast, easy, and convenient. Here are some tips on when to ask for reviews via text message:

  • After a successful transaction: If you have a customer’s phone number, send a text message after they’ve completed a successful transaction. This could be after they’ve made a purchase or used your service.
  • Immediately after a positive interaction: If you’ve just had a positive interaction with a customer, such as a great conversation or a successful service, take advantage of the positive energy by sending a text message asking for a review.
  • On a special occasion: Consider sending a text message on a special occasion, such as the anniversary of the customer’s first purchase, to ask for a review. This shows that you value their business and want to celebrate their loyalty.

Tips for Asking for Reviews via QR Codes

QR codes are another popular method for requesting reviews. Here are some tips on when to ask for reviews via QR codes:

  • After a successful transaction: Just like with text messaging, you can use a QR code to request a review after a successful transaction. For example, you can add a QR code to the bottom of a customer’s receipt.
  • In your business location: If you have a physical location, consider adding QR codes to your business cards or signage to make it easy for customers to leave a review. This can be especially effective if you have an attractive incentive, such as a discount or a freebie, for customers who leave a review.
  • After a customer service interaction: If a customer has just had a positive customer service experience, consider providing a QR code for them to leave a review. This can help capture the positive energy from the interaction and turn it into a positive review.

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The Importance of Personalization

When asking for reviews, it’s important to remember that customers want to feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, personalizing your request can make a big difference. Here are some ways to personalize your request:

  • Use the customer’s name: Start the text message or QR code with the customer’s name to make it feel more personal.
  • Thank the customer: Express gratitude for their business and let them know that you value their opinion.
  • Use the customer’s feedback: If a customer has provided feedback in the past, refer to it in your request. This shows that you’re paying attention and value their input.


In conclusion, asking for customer reviews is an essential part of growing your business, but timing and personalization are crucial. Whether you choose to use text messaging or QR codes, make sure to ask for reviews when the positive experience is fresh in the customer’s mind. 

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