Review Automation Strategy

Results you can really see; a difference you’ll really feel. See how small tweaks to your review generation strategy can make a huge difference in your business.

Case Study: Milwaukee Pedal Tavern

The Strategy

The founders of Milwaukee Pedal Tavern knew: if they could increase their online tourism rank, they’d elevate awareness and increase conversion in a big way. So the goal was simple: generate enough positive reviews to start climbing the rankings.

The Tactic

By implementing a review collection strategy with ReviewTrigger that sent an invite to every customer who took a tour, Milwaukee Pedal Tavern began to see their review rate double, then triple, then continue growing, within just the first year.

The Results

Today, Milwaukee Pedal Tavern boasts 1,339 reviews, the #1 spot among rankings for their tour category, and DOUBLED revenue after the first year that’s continued, year-over-year.

Customers love ReviewTrigger

(we know: we’ve asked them)
91% percent of consumers report that they’d trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. That’s why getting positive reviews – and showing off those positive reviews – is so important. Customers who’ve taken on the ReviewTrigger strategy are embracing the change and reaping the benefits. Here’s what they’ve said about Google and online review automation:

Nothing drives new business like a ton of online reviews and working with Review Trigger has made that process easier than ever! From the initial set up to the customer experience, Review Trigger has been nothing short of a “game-changer” for Bloomin’ Blinds. We have brand new locations with over 20 honest, customer-generated reviews within 2 months. We expect that the solution that Review Trigger provides will be part of our business for a very long time. Review Trigger may be one of the most important solutions we have ever added to our business.
Kelly Stuart
Bloomin' Blinds
We’ve been using Review Trigger since December 2018. After speaking with them, it was the perfect fit for what we were looking to accomplish. Their team was open and up-front about what they could offer…a review management platform the produces results! We had tried other review management alternatives in the past, but nothing has compared to what we are getting now. We started with a little over 300 reviews and now we have over 850 reviews. If you’re looking for a review management system that is not intrusive, produces results and allows you to respond to constructive criticism that will help you and your organization perform better, Review Trigger is the number one option.
Ben Hughes
Colonial Properties Cabin and Resort Rentals
Start using ReviewTrigger today Implementation is quick and painless: we handle all aspects of set-up, and on average it takes only 15 minutes! All you have to do is sign up.