How The Nashville Pedal Tavern Made Money With Their Waiver Tool

Below are the three steps the Nashville Pedal Tavern used to increase annual revenue via their online waiver tool

1. Collected Customer Data: All of Nashville Pedal Tavern’s customers have to fill out an online waiver prior to the tour. Nashville Pedal Tavern partnered with ReviewTrigger to leverage this data in a unique way.

2. Automatic Review Requests: Considering all of their customers have to fill out the online waiver, the Nashville Pedal Tavern was able to collect email addresses from all of their customers. To comply with email marketing regulations they included an email marketing opt in check box. When people checked the box they were automatically inserted into the ReviewTrigger online review request automation. Following their tour the customers that opted in received a review request from Nashville Pedal Tavern. This was requested via email and text message automatically after their tour had ended.

3. Increased Annual Revenue by 27%: This simple ReviewTrigger strategy rocketed Nashville Pedal Tavern to the top of TripAdvisor where they have remained. They credit that high rank to a 27% lift in annual revenue.

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