5 Ways to Secure Online Reviews

SEO is it’s own industry and many people ask us how their reviews can influence rank. The truth is there are dozens of articles, opinions, and studies which outline how it ultimately impacts rank. Some of them are valid and thought provoking, others are bogus.
SEO is critical but pairing it with a strong online reputation will ensure your high rank is converting new customers. Even if you aren’t the top business within Google’s search results customers still may be more likely to click on you if you’re review count and quality is higher than your competition.
So how are you going to get reviews and how do you make sure you keep your reviews positive? Here are a few tips on how your local business can grow your ranking and help improve referrals.
1) Ask every customer for a review when your customers are most likely to leave one. Directly inform them that by giving positive review it helps their neighbors searchers find your business.
2) Always remind customers to call/email/text you if they have any complaints or concerns.
3) Examine your competition’s reviews to see if an opportunity exists. Many industries are void of reviews and you can gain the upper hand by simply securing more reviews than them.
4) Read your reviews! It is so important to know what your customers are actually saying about you, that after all is the whole point.
5) Don’t ignore other review sites, there are many different sites set up specifically to review certain industries (travel, auto sales, plumbers, etc.). Prioritizing these, typically free, platforms will ensure you’re putting your business in a position to earn new customers.
Keeping a positive feedback solicitation process in place is ultimately the best policy. You will find opportunities to elevate your customer service, improve your staff and so much more – all while earning new business. Happy review hunting.
For more information or help implementing a customer review strategy for your business, please contact us at ReviewTrigger.

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