5 Things to Avoid with Google Plus Business Pages

Congratulations, you have built a Google Plus Business page, now what? How do you stay top of mind, continue to improve rank and get new customers? There are a handful of items that require regular effort and a few additional steps. Here are the five most commonly missed factors that can leave your Google Plus business page stagnant and stuck on page 10.
1. Claim Yo Self: Forgetting to claim your page on Google Plus is a miss. Make sure that you take the time to ask Google to confirm your location and your page. This ensures that no one else can claim your page or profile. It also protects you from a malicious competitor taking over your page and entering damaging information. Setting up the page is important, but proving to Google that you’re a legitimate business is key. Claiming your page is easy and makes a big difference in getting that page to rank.
2. Google Knows: Having the wrong information on your page can cripple you. We are creatures of convenience so make sure your customers don’t switch to your competition because the phone number listed is old.
3. Hittin The Snooze: Letting your page go dormant (no updates or posts) can hurt your rank. Part of how your business stays “top of mind” is by staying in front of your customers between transactions. For some of you, your business relies heavily on seasonality, single annual purchases or emergency service calls. The way to help keep your audience interested is to share information that is relevant or important to them. Marketing your services can be the quickest way to alienate customers, so focus your content on Google Plus around the most common questions about your industry. You can also keep us coming back more frequently and help shorten time in between transactions by staying in front of us more regularly.
4. Provide value: Give people information that provides value to them when they need it. Don’t bombard people with sales messages. Share content they crave, for example a new and easy recipe or quick house organization tip. People will be more likely to read your content and visit your page.
5. If you build it, they wont come: One of our favorite analogies is a twist on the classic Field of Dreams line. People won’t show to your page because you’ve created one. Don’t forget to tell your customers you have one; put the G+ logo on your site, business card or any other marketing information, and don’t forget to ask customers for reviews! You can put a QR code or a link to your business page on your business card with a nice note on the back to give you a review on your page.
For more information of what you should and should not do with your Google Plus Business page, contact us at ReviewTrigger.

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