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Let’s join forces. By integrating the ReviewTrigger platform with the software and tools you’re already using to grow your business, we can increase review collection efficiency and volume and, ultimately, drive serious conversion.

Eliminate manual review-sending from your task list: our automated platform does the heavy-lifting for you.

We’ll send more reviews than you ever had before (and the more reviews you send, the more you secure).

We’ve got dial-in time down to a science: we’ll reach your customers when it matters most.

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Available Review Software Integrations

More reviews lead to better conversion, plain and simple. We can help our clients get there by integrating our platform with whatever tools they use on the job every day. We can easily integrate with appointment reminders, scheduling software, and any other tools you (and your customers) engage with daily.  That includes:

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Killer integrations in action

Ready to see how our integrated platform has helped clients increase review capture, conversion, and revenue? Here are a few examples of how it works:

Digital Waivers

We kill two birds with one stone by integrating our online review platform with the digital waiver software your business is already using, or could be using, with customers. They sign their waivers, and you get usable feedback, all in one – it’s truly a win-win. 

Appointment Reminders

Remind your customers that they’re about to come see you, and snag a review while you’re at it. Embedding links to our platform in the appointment reminders that you already send is a quick and seamless way to ensure that clients have easy access to the review platform. 

Booking Software

Catch customers early by integrating review collection with your booking software. As soon as they’re booked, customers can gain easy access to the online review platform to start sharing their feedback. 

Payment Processors

When the transaction ends, reviewing can begin! Integrate our review funnel with your payment processors so you can direct customers to your review site while the purchase process is fresh in their minds.

QR Codes

From your handy dashboard, you have access to downloadable QR Codes that can be used to direct clients to the review platform. We’ve seen them used most on business cards and store signage, but they’ll work anywhere as long as customers can see them.  

Website Requests

Sometimes you want to just go straight to the source. Keep things simple: embed a review request directly onto your own website for access to the review platform that you KNOW your clients will see. 

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